Why Choose Aspen Dispute Resolution?

Our compassion and experience, our philosophy, and our methods combine to transform an adversarial conflict into a cooperative mutual problem-solving venture.

Our Place or Your Place

The serene natural beauty of Aspen offers a unique and peaceful setting for the resolution of conflict.  Aspen Dispute Resolution is located just east of downtown in the historic Benedict Building.  Our conferencing facilities are in an aspen grove on the banks of the Roaring Fork River, a short walk from the historic Ute Trail and the North Star Nature Preserve.  Aspen Dispute Resolution has easy access to the world renowned conference facilities of The Aspen Institute, premier hotels and comfortable lodges, and concierge services to arrange cultural, recreational, and other activities.  To learn more about Aspen, click here.

If your conflict will be more effectively or efficiently resolved in a place other than Aspen, we will travel wherever our services are required.

Our Philosophy Makes Sense

Conflict is unavoidable, but often the emotional burdens and financial costs of litigation for the resolution of conflict are avoidable. Alternative Dispute Resolution includes a broad array of problem-solving methods that avoid the delay, publicity, expense, and uncertainty of litigation, while still affording the opportunity for individual legal representation, when and as desired.

The participants in Alternative Dispute Resolution design a resolution that is typically win/win, rather than awaiting a court ruling that is inherently win/lose. Early Alternative Dispute Resolution can also avoid the significant expense, angst, and delay of preparing for trial.

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