"Mediate, Don't Litigate" has been our mantra for over a decade. Aspen Dispute Resolution is committed to the entire arsenal of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services for the resolution of conflict. All too often, only after the emotional and financial costs of litigation are endured, do the parties realize that both the angst and the expense might have been, or quite plainly were, avoidable.

Over 90% of all civil litigation settles, typically just prior to court hearings and rulings and well after enormous angst, delay and expense. Plainly, the key is early identification and diversion of many of these cases to the array of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques. Alternative Dispute Resolution better serves the parties and leaves otherwise overcrowded dockets and courtrooms more available for matters requiring full-blown litigation.

For years in their individual practices, lawyers, judges, therapists, accountants and expert witnesses have witnessed significant psychic and cost savings to parties in conflict who are successful in mediated negotiations and settlements -- without formal, protracted adversarial proceedings and trials.

At Aspen Dispute Resolution, we have marshaled our collective years of problem-solving experience to offer cost-free initial consultations and the full array of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services to parties with or without attorneys. Our billing policy is a sliding scale in order to be available by being affordable in the circumstances of each new conflict resolution opportunity. The tag line on each invoice is "Accelerated, Affordable, Anonymous."

While conflict is unavoidable, there are attractive and effective alternatives to "going to court" – alternatives that preserve the opportunity for individual legal representation, when and as desired. These alternatives, including mediation, arbitration, med/arb, early neutral case evaluation, settlement conferences and mini-trials, are described in the Our Services section of this website. Each service is strictly confidential and highly cost effective. Participants report high satisfaction levels because they participate actively and voluntarily -- expressing feelings, understanding motivations, acknowledging shortcomings, analyzing rights and remedies, and generally remaining in control of the dispute resolution process.

Informed self-determination aptly describes these "alternatives" to conventional, formal adjudicatory processes. Conventional, formal court-centered adjudicatory processes are necessarily impersonal, inherently unpredictable, and ultimately "win/lose." Alternative Dispute Resolution processes are tailored to the needs of the parties in conflict to achieve a result that is far more likely to be "win/win."

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