Q: What is mediation? What is arbitration?

A: Please click here for a brief description of mediation, arbitration, and other types of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Q: Why should I mediate my claim or dispute?

A: Participation in mediation often completely settles and resolves your claim or dispute. Even when it does not, mediation will help you to evaluate your claim or defense, identify any particular strengths or glaring weaknesses, and more effectively communicate your position or objective.

Q: Who will be the mediator or arbitrator?

A: You and the other parties to the dispute will select a trained and experience neutral with the background, qualifications, and temperament best suited to resolving your case. If desired, Aspen Dispute Resolution will assist in selecting the best available neutral based on the nature of your dispute, scheduling considerations, costs, and other factors.

Q: Where will the mediation or other resolution process take place?

A: The Aspen Dispute Resolution offices in Aspen, Colorado, have multiple conference rooms and are available for any of our services. In addition, especially for larger multi-party disputes, we utilize the seminar or conference rooms of several Aspen institutions, hotels, and lodges, including The Aspen Institute, the Aspen Center for Physics, the Gant, and the Hotel Lenado, the Third Street Center or a free jury room in one of the Courthouses in the area.

Q: When will the mediation or other resolution process take place?

A: One of the advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution is that the parties schedule all sessions with a neutral who gives the matter his or her undivided attention. The process can begin immediately and proceed expeditiously.

Q: Who pays for the mediation, arbitration, or other service?

A: Unless alternative fee sharing arrangements are agreed to by all parties, the parties share all fees and costs equally. When desired, this issue as well as other "ground rules" may themselves be mediated in an initial orientation session.

Q: Should I hire an attorney to represent me ?

A: One of the many advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution is the time and cost saving, even when each party is separately represented by counsel. In many cases, disputes may be resolved with enforceable settlements, yet without attorneys. Since each case is unique, the best rule of thumb is that attorneys may always participate, when and as desired by each party.

Q: What should I do to get started?

A: You can discuss the advantages of mediation, arbitration or other Alternative Dispute Resolution services with the other party to the dispute and then contact us for an initial orientation session, or you can contact us first and we will take the initiative to "convene" an orientation session with all parties. You can read more about the process by clicking here.

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